Sunday, April 25, 2010

What am I doing?

It does not take courage to sit down and write. But I will tell you that it has taken me a long time to do it. I have long considered myself a writer and it is my dream to do it professionally. This blog has earned some money because you have given in to my begging, and I am more grateful than you know. I have even written, half-jokingly, that this blog has made me a professional writer. Technically it has, but you have to be pretty desperate to see it that way. Still, it does represent a first step, which conventional wisdom tells us is the hardest one. Ironically, I cannot disagree with that. It is hard for me to write something intended to be read by more than one person. Probably because once I have made my writing public - once I admit that I want to be a writer, I risk being told that it is no good and has no hope of being good and that I should quit. That would suck. Also hard is being honest about people I know to be readers. But all that is getting easier. And so here I am, after years of being told by some of you that I should write, and of taking anti-depressants and months of counseling, writing and making money doing it. And I am not done yet, with your help. And that is why I have been so damn proud lately about such a silly thing as this. As always, thank you for your time.

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