Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Art of the Sell

Last night I dreamt that I ran into Lily Tomlin in Las Vegas. We spent a few minutes chatting (naturally) before she asked if I had a job.

"I stay at home with kids. But I'm also a writer. Which is to say that I have a blog."

"And how do people read your letters?"

"Well they're not letters- they're essays and stories and crap (I didn't want to swear to Lily!)."

"But how do people read them?"

"They're on the computer."

"The people are on the computer?"

"My blog is on the computer."

"Only your computer?"

"No, everyone's computer."


"Look, Lily, this is hard for me to do-selling myself- but I'm going to write down my blog's internet address and give it to you. You're way past your prime, but I think you could still help me."

(Oops! I think dream me needs to work on his charm.)

****ATTN Ms. Tomlin, if you read this please know that I am a huge fan!! 

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