Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh, For Christ's Sake!

Today's Comment Section Takedown finds our hero (me) running into a Leviticus-quoting Boob in the comment section of a same-sex marriage story. You know the quote, it's the one which says that men who lie with men as they do women are committing abominations (You'll notice it omits kneeling.)

My response (I've reworked it a little.):

@Brunhilde (not her real name)-- Perhaps you should consider reading from the parts of the Bible that teach kindness. As I understand it, it is nearly impossible to read the whole Bible and come away with the message that God hates anyone (even fags). Indeed, if you want permission to be a decent, kind, understanding person you will find it in the Bible. This is especially true of the portion that was written after God (supposedly) sent his Son down to clear things up. Yes, it troubles me when followers of Christ quote from the Old Testament to prove his hate because they can't find proof of it in any of his own words. My impression has always been that Christians gave a fair amount of weight to Christ's words, no? I guess the thing is:  The Bible isn't helping you if you are rifling through it to find permission to stay the same miserable person; it's beauty (I hear) is not in its ability to "let you off the hook", it is that it challenges its reader to be a better person. Repent or perish!

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