Thursday, May 19, 2011

Goddamn People!

More fun in the comment section. I shouldn't let these people get to me, but I can't seem to help it.  I ran into a guy who was mocking people who didn't want to see the constitution changed to ban same-sex marriage. I'll copy and paste our conversation:

Asshole:  Why not bring it to a vote? Is democracy getting in the way of your liberal agenda? I bet all of you liberals would be singing a different tune if we were going to have a vote on an issue that would be voted in your favor. There is no chance of gay marriage being sanctioned if it goes to the poles. In a true democracy majority rules. Sorry about your luck!

The Good Guys:  Okay, Jim. I propose we vote on whether we should amend the constitution to take away people named Jim's rights to free speech. Remember that in a true democracy majority rules! Sorry about your luck!!

Asshole #2:  in every society where moral decay becomes rampant, the society crumbles at about the 50 year mark. Research it, look at when the moral decline in this country started - in the '60's with "if it feels good, do it". Do the math. This nation was founded on Christian principles; our currency says, "In God We Trust" - not "In Our Own Feelings and Desires We Trust". Those who are saying we shouldn't be talking about this are correct. It's not about hating those who identify themselves as gay, it's about loving them like God loves them, with his ways and his wisdom!

The Good Guys: And as he has made them! (also I'd like some historical examples of the 50-year-mark-crumbling. And moral decline didn't begin in the 60's. People have been using drugs and screwing out of wedlock since time began. Also...oh never mind.)

Original Asshole: Tom your example makes as much sense as your point of view. Do you really believe your analogy holds any water?? That is the problem with you liberals, your argument is at best elementary. I don't care if you love your pet rabbit so much you'd marry it, just don't expect normal people to condone your perversion. BTW do you really believe we are on a moral incline? Have you ever looked at divorce statistics, or murder rates etc... Or maybe you are so morally corrupt that you don't think any of it is a problem. Maybe you just don't care as long as you can marry your boyfriend. Tom in my mind you are exhibit "A" on what is ruining this country.

The Good Guys:  Jim- I don't have a boyfriend. You available? By the way, I looked into the murder rates, etc. of the Wild West and they were higher than today. And the divorce rate was lower, but only because women were forced to stay with the men of strong morals who abused them and/or cheated on them with hookers. And then I watched the Untouchables, and remembered the Roaring Twenties. So I suppose one could make the argument that we are on a moral incline, especially if you consider letting black people vote/ride busses/drink out of fountains, and letting women work and vote, moral issues ( I know you don't but most normal, patriotic people do). Many people, myself included, love the constitution. And if you really believe that people who love the constitution are ruining America, well, that says more about you than it does about me.


  1. I can't thank you enough for this post.

    Asshole #2 seems like a cartoon to me. I tend to avoid online politics at this point, because, DAMN, but I just have such a hard time that anyone could be that willfully ignorant and bereft of his own thought.

  2. Seems like a cartoon to me, too. Certainly cartoonish. Sometimes my comments are simply, "Hey_____, I couldn't have written better satire if I'd stayed up all night!" I do get pretty damn angry with people like those above, though, and can't stop myself sometimes from mixing it up (if for no other reason than to post it here, where other reasonable people can tell me what fools those fools are and help restore my faith in humanity). As I've written before, disagreeing on policy issues is great; being willfully ignorant is not.