Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank You, Mama

I don’t tell my wife often enough how much I appreciate her.  My kids and I are going to start changing that now.  Call it a late Mother’s Day gift.

I am humbled by what an incredible woman, wife, and mother Stacy is. And I feel incredibly lucky to have her.  Here is a short list of things we love about her:

We love Mama on Valentine’s Day

We love Mama on Easter (here I stepped in. We’ll just say we love her everyday, holidays included.)

We love sending cards to Mama

We appreciate how hard she works.

We are very happy when she comes home.

We are thankful she cooks breakfast for us.

Daddy is thankful she pays all the bills and does most of the bookkeeping.

She is the toughest person we know.

Daddy is thankful that she would never kiss another boy (even Jon Bon Jovi).

We love watching birdies with Mama.

We love to play with baby brother and Mama.

Our oldest loves going to work with Mama because Mama prints coloring sheets and it’s fun to be with her.

We appreciate that Mama does most of the laundry.

We appreciate that Mama does the dishes.

We appreciate that Mama handles most of the evening parenting duties.

We appreciate that she vacuums.

(If you’re starting to wonder what daddy, the stay-at-home parent, does all day well, it’s a mystery.)

We love going on walks to see the horsies with Mama.

We love going to the beach by Disney World with Mama.

We love shopping for outfits with Mama.

We are thankful she makes scarves for us.

We love how much Mama hates bugs.

We love hugging Mama.

We love kissing Mama.

We are grateful that she takes such good care of us and we know that when we are with her, we will be okay.

We love Mama a lot, “five and one hundred”, to be exact.

Happy Movver’s Day, Mama!

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