Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Fun With Cretins

The comment section of a recent news story about a Hmong group that was offended by a parody song aired on a local radio station was filled with such enlightened thoughts as:  "They'll be less offended when the win a settlement. They're just here for a free ride" and "People need to lighten up!" Forget about the "free ride" dope- he's a lost cause.  I actually agree that people would be well served by not taking life so seriously. But that goes for everyone, of course.  Especially those so fond of telling other people to lighten up. Thus my comment:

All you conservatives telling Hmongs to lighten up are stupid, hypocritical, pea-brained, baffoonish blow-hards who are only Americans because your ancestors skated over here for a free ride.  Normally I wouldn't dare write this but I know how much you all love an offensive joke that I thought, "Heck those rednecks will love it!"

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