Tuesday, June 14, 2011

California Response #5

From:  Male Softball Teammate
To:  Me

Is this supposed to be funny?  You should go back to Kindergarten! I feel sorry for you.

From:  Me
To: (Former) Softball Teammate

Not only is it supposed to be funny- it is funny!  I don't want to make you feel bad, but I'm sort of an expert on this type of thing, and this is Humor 101-type stuff.  I'll pass on Kindergarten, but accept your pity.


T. Morgan


  1. "Kindergarten," he says, in response to a manipulative email gag? Seems like he doesn't understand human development very much.

    I can't believe a freaking softball team is full of so many humorless morons. Are they on a losing streak or something? Shit, man.

  2. I think I struck a nerve with the "having a crush on Lauren" part. She just emailed me a second time (I'll put it up soon), and addressed it to "Nearly Me", as if she thought he, and not an impostor, had sent it. I revealed the jig to her to calm her down. (Yes I realize the potential for comedy gold that I flushed away by doing so. "But Lauren, I do! I do!")