Tuesday, June 14, 2011

California Response #7 (Nancy)

From: Nancy (Five hours after calling me retarded she sent another email)
To: Me

"Nearly Me",

I am so glad you thought this email was funny, but I did not. I thought it was not only incredibly immature but rude and condescending. It was a very distasteful joke that I did not appreciate.


From: Me
To:  Nancy

I gathered.  Also, I am not "Nearly Me".  Just some guy who was included in all these emails by mistake (Hint:  Re-check "Nearly Me's address. I know this because I am not retarded!)  


  1. Wow. I should put this lot in a Survivor game and see what develops.


  2. So it was mean! Here I was trying not to be

  3. I mean, all these people sending you emails should play. We can destroy what's left of their friendship with "Nearly Me!"