Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm Number One!

I went to bed on Father’s Day Eve knowing I was close. When I woke up on Father’s Day, I learned that I was indeed #1. The World’s Greatest Dad.  Finally. 

I’ve been runner-up to a guy in New Zealand for the past 4 years.  I don’t know if he lost a step or if I gained one but, whatever the case, I have wrestled the title away from his fat fingers and I don’t plan on giving it back any time soon. In fact, I am going to rent a safety deposit box tomorrow so I can safely store the card and button my family presented me during this morning’s awards ceremony.

Now I’m not going to blow false modesty up your ass.  I am a great dad (obviously). But I don’t want you to feel bad either.  I’m sure you do the best you can with the skills you have.  And while it is true that I spent many of the years before I became a dad thinking about what kind of dad I wanted to be (the best), I know that I am fortunate to have been blessed with more skills than you.

My advice, from one great dad to a pretty good one:  Dream big and practice, practice, practice. With a little luck you may be able to knock that New Zealander out of second place!

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