Monday, July 26, 2010


The family and I are back from a long weekend in Chicago. It will take me a while to process the whole trip, but I can tell you a few things for sure about the city:  it is windy and it has broad shoulders.  It is my kind of town.  Also, based on my experience, it rains very hard on Fridays, is hot and humid on Saturdays (don't try to go to Shedd Aquarium...too damn busy.), and is clear and mild on Sundays (go early to Shedd but don't go from there to Willis, nee Sears, Tower...too damn busy). Before the rain on Friday, if you walk down Kinzie, towards Michigan Ave., you will see a drunken homeless man turn a corner too quickly and fall down two concrete steps into an alley. There he will lay, stunned, and probably unconscious, for a few seconds. But he will rally quickly and refuse help. Then he will stagger into and across a street, miraculously making it to the other side. You will shake your head and think, "That doesn't happen in Denmark Township."  I hope this helps you plan your own trip! 

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