Saturday, February 5, 2011

Twist my Arm

I really don't know where my daughter came up with this one. Honestly. At breakfast this morning, she looked at Stacy and asked, "Mommy, why did Daddy say, 'Oh, alright, fine,' when you asked him to marry you?"


  1. I suppose it is because her dad regularly tells her that is how it went. I recall her dad saying somthing to the effect of: "Please, please marry me. You are the most fantastic person in the entire world and I will worship the ground you walk on for the rest of my life." After much hemming and hawing her mommy said, "Oh, alright, fine." I'm pretty sure I have the better memory. :)

  2. Negative. I have never told her that. Your version is the (half) correct one. I begged, I'm not ashamed of that. But your response was closer to, "There is a God! My prayers have been answered; my ship has come in. I thought you would never ask!"