Sunday, May 30, 2010

All's Well That Ends Well

Yesterday was my daughter's birthday party. She turned 4 today. It was a big party - bigger, at any rate, than this introvert is quite comfortable with. But, whereas this blog is all about me, yesterday certainly was not. And my daughter had a great time; she also made a killing. But the best part, I think, was when she sat down in front of her cake and we all sang Happy Birthday. It reminded me of my favorite part of Christian baptisms. I'm not a religious man, but when all those people stretch their arms towards the baptisee and vow, in front of God and everyone, to help take care of him or her, I feel God. And that is how I felt yesterday. Looking around the room, at all those people, from all those walks of life, gathered because they care enough about my daughter to spend a beautiful weekend day celebrating her, I felt God.

p.s. The baby, my 4 month old son, made out pretty well, too. He got a couple presents. And, he was held and tickled and cooed at so much yesterday that he cannot be put down today. He wants another day like yesterday. And I don't blame him. I am embarrassed at our riches.

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