Sunday, May 23, 2010

Carte Blanche

The first draft of my previous post, about having "made it", had a different ending. There were more specifics about my life, and why I thought the bully would probably love to lead it. There were lesbians. And sex talk. My wife, afraid I would offend our friends, wanted me to change it. I didn't think I would cause offense, but I had a crisis of confidence, and, unable to reach my friend by phone before publication, changed the ending. As it turns out, the new ending is better, I think, but you, the reader, were cheated out of some pretty good stuff. Well, good news! I have recently been given carte blanche by my friend to write what I want. So here it goes. Put the kids to bed. Draw the shades. Okay, it all started when...what's wrong with this computer? Ke ps bl nk ng on nd of . T ink bat ery dying

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