Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The Successories poster I would like to see:

(The picture would be of someone standing by a campfire, looking down at it with a content smile.)

Take this poster out back and throw darts at it. Then get yourself a shotgun, load it, and shoot this poster (be sure you are aware of applicable laws in your area regarding the carrying and discharge of firearms.). Next I would like you to find some dog shit. Ready? Okay. Just rub it all over the poster. (Check to make sure that this is legal. I think it is, though. And don't forget to wear gloves for god's sake!) Now the fun part. Take the poster down and burn it (check with your Fire Marshall). If you need a Successories poster, then the poster is not going to help. Many of us have jobs that we will never be motivated by, and that, luckily, we do not need a great deal of motivation to do. Either find different work, or accept that whatever you are are doing now will not give you fulfillment and find a hobby that does.

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