Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Just Don't Have it Tonight...

Oh, lord! Writer's block! I've been trying to write through it. I started the story of how Stacy and I came to be. I started the questionnaire that James Lipton does on Inside the Actors' Studio. Should I finish either of them? Help!

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  1. Every little bit counts. Sometimes trolling the web helps me come up with an idea. Or looking at peoples' fb posts. What's the questionnaire about? And I wouldn't mind seeing your and Stacy's story in print. Or how Isabella and Carter joined the crew? Or one of the face-shoving former girls? Or whatever devious plans you conconcted while driving the lawnmower on the greens...or whatever the hell it is you drive on a green. Or craptastic customers at the M store? Craptastic customers are always good for a laugh.