Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My First Bad Review

An apparently one-time reader of this blog e-mailed me the other day to report that he found said blog self-indulgent and was no longer going to read it.

Editor's note: No shit. It's my blog. But here's the thing: He's an idiot, and being disappointed at finding a blog self-indulgent is only one of many examples of that fact. He is a clown with whom I argued about Obama a couple months ago. A friend posted something on Facebook. Our hero, he was a stranger to me, responded, forshadowingly, with something idiotic. I posted a response to him. Then we continued "debating" by e-mail for a while. There were many reasonable points on his side which, sadly, he chose not to make. I would make my points and then he would respond with personal and completely ridiculous attacks in which he described "all liberals" as thinking such and such. I think he's hated me ever since I ended the argument by writing, "When I think of all the reasonable things you have left unwritten, it makes me want to cry. I would have disagreed but not felt, as I now do, worried for my country. Instead you have called me ignorant, and, I think, don't realize that in so doing, you have betrayed yourself as the same. You may honestly call me many things - fat, well-endowed, thirsty (that last one would have impressed me! ) but not ignorant. I continue to make my argument and you continue to ignore it. And that is the last of my time you will waste." It took me a while to calm down after that "debate". Maybe he has spent the time since trying to prove me wrong, about one thing at least; for he was not done wasting my time, as it now turns out. More likely, he stumbled across my blog, and thought he'd found an opportunity to hurt my feelings. Anyway, I didn't tell him what I have now told you. Here was my response to him: "If you found my blog self-indulgent, I am exceedingly grateful that you have never seen me having sex."

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