Saturday, October 2, 2010

How Lucky is my Wife?

We discovered today, on our basement end table, a substance that is almost certainly mouse shit. Now Stacy is seeing it everywhere. She's on the floor with the baby and spots a small, black speck, "OOOOO! Is that mouse poop?"

"Oh c'mon," I implore, "not every small, black speck you see is mouse shit. That is exactly what the bat shit on our porch looked like. It's important to remember that all small rodents' shit looks the same.That there could be anything."


  1. And, in support of your point of view, you could cast an even wider net as bats are microchiropterans, not rodents. So really, shit is shit. Rodent, chiropteran, or otherwise. And give me my swatch of beaver back!

  2. i have to disagree with anonymous. not all shit is shit. horse shit sometimes outweighs a toddler. trust me.

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