Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sometimes It is Fun to Change at the YMCA

There is a doctor in town who should be a veterinarian.  I know many people, myself included, who have had terrible experiences with him. More than once, I have fantasized about strangling him with his stethoscope. But, I am happy to report, that will no longer be necessary.  Last week he walked into the locker room at the Y while I was changing. I said nothing, of course, because that's the way I roll. I just turned my back to him. As he was changing, though, I became more brave. It really is true that it is impossible to be intimidated by a naked person. I turned to face him. Tension filled the room- a duel was imminent. Each of us stood there and quickly sized up the other. I fought the urge to giggle. And when our eyes did finally meet, it was over. He looked away, a beaten, lesser (by a lot) man.