Tuesday, August 17, 2010

They Have (Primative) Feelings, Too.

My friend Shannon and I recently had the following e-mail exchange while setting up a play date for our kids. Usually I find that it doesn't matter that I'm a man and most of my friends are women. Such is life for a stay-at-home dad. But occasionally I do run into behavior that would never be condoned in a traditional workplace.

Shannon:  Let me know what works. You all are welcome here, if we are alternating houses. If it's easier for you for us to come over, that's fine, too. I liked the scenery last time I left...below the bluffs, or whatever all that is, there were 3 very cut men out for their run. Not bad...

Me:  Then by all means, you should come this way. And you should definitely stay for lunch. Show up whenever you like. It is true that a pack of steroid using neanderthals runs daily in these parts. People often remark on their shriveled testicles and thick skulls, but I guess if that's your thing... .

Shannon: We'll be over around 10:30 or so. Depends on the level of cooperation I am getting. Do you have a pair of binoculars I could borrow for the drive home? I didn't get that great of a look last time.

Me:  Obviously you did not get a good look. For if you had, you would have noticed that, in these days of ipods that weigh mere ounces, they listen to a clunky old boombox that is so heavy they are forced to push it in a baby stroller. Still, I do not have binoculars you can use for your boorish delight! I cannot in good conscience condone that behavior. Those creatures are not pieces of meat. They are very nearly human!


  1. Those fit specimens can push me in their stroller anytime.

  2. I just realized another benefit of the stroller: it helps keep their knuckles from dragging.

  3. I know those guys! And the one's cut my hair before!

  4. And the one's got tattoos that a married woman should NOT be oogling, but it's totally worth it.

  5. Of course you know those guys. And I know your husband.