Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We're in Trouble

Yesterday, a Facebook friend of mine wrote a post urging people to vote. One of his friends commented that he found it disgusting that he could not vote across party lines, though he did add, "Not that I would!"  On his own page, he bleated that this was, "another freedom that [liberals] took away. It's like telling me I can't cross a picket line, or buy a gun, or carry a gun!" And, you know, he is right, despite himself, for not one of those things is a "right" that liberals are trying to take away. Here we have an adult who doesn't know how primary voting works; we can only guess what other "facts" he's basing his opinions on. I'm going to need some methamphetamines.


  1. In my state, you can go in and vote within any one party race for the primary, not just the party you are registered with (just like you said, not across party lines).

    So, I went and voted for the weakest candidate from the other party.

    Because I can.