Monday, August 9, 2010

What People Want

I talked to a few friends about my intention to develop today.  The questions on my mind have been: "Do people know that he's a joke to me, too? Does that matter? Would he be funny if you didn't know that he was supposed to be? Does he go too far?"  (If you care to share your thoughts, I would love to hear them.)  Anyway, Shannon's advice was that people don't want average, they want to be shocked or entertained. I felt better. I love the idea that people want to be entertained and will respond to talent. Even if I end up unable to provide those things, I am proud that humans have such advanced needs and desires.   Later, I fired up the computer and saw that Levi Johnston may get his own reality show. I need some cocaine.

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  1. I liked this, as usual. The link doesn't hurt, either. Thanks for the promo, tom. Why do you steadily gain new followers and I'm stuck at the same number I was at in wk 1 of the blog?